Credit Guidance

Choosing the most suitable way to finance your vehicle.

As a responsible garage we seek to ensure that we can offer you the best advice on your current situation to ensure you can manage your current and future finances.

Before you make an application with Affordable Car Finance Limited, you must be clear on exactly how you wish to re-pay the credit yoy take out. You have a few options.

Bank Loan

A Bank Loan should always be your first option for any credit as they will nearly always offer you the best rate and terms.

Credit Cards

If you are turned down for a bank loan a credit card with your bank maybe the next best option, with the fixed rates of interest on them and interest free periods they could be your second option to source finance.

Hire Purchase

This option is the most popular for vehicle finance following the above. Most often people choose this option as you agree a monthly repayment for a fixed length of time, when the agreement ends you will own the vehicle. It is the most manageable as you know the exact amount each month that you will be leaving in your account. A lot of the Hire Purchase companies we use can help you if you let them know in advance if you are struggling to meet the payments.

Work out your monthly budget

A lot of the companies we use will discuss payments with you prior to approving you for credit. They will try to make sure you are not strained financially and can afford the loan, however, it is important for you to review your finances before you apply for any finance product.

Understanding the application process

When you apply, the finance companies we use run a credit check to make sure your identity and personal details are correct and that you can afford to take extra credit. Doing this involves sharing your information with credit reference agencies like Experian, this also helps to prevent fraud.