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Poor credit rating or bad credit? we can help! Affordable Car Finance Limited Stoke.

Looking for car finance but have a poor or bad credit rating?

Look no further! Why shouldn't you buy a car just because the economy has slowed you down?

Affordable Car Finance Limited will help you to secure the finance you need!

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Many hard-working people in Stafford and throughout Staffordshire & Cheshire have been affected over the last few years by the effects of the credit crunch followed closely by recession, and that has resulted in so many suffering from poor credit rating, bad credit rating, mortgage arrears and bankruptcies.

When you have been put in this position, it makes life difficult to say the least, and you become inconvenienced in more ways than one.

You need a car, but the system's against you. Where do you turn when you've been told that you're in a dead-end street, perhaps because of loan defaults, mortgage arrears, and maybe CCJ's?

You may be self-employed without funds sitting in the bank, perhaps on part time work, or even on benefits, but that's not the end of the line by any means, and you can have your car - our friendly team at Affordable Car Finance Limited is right behind you to get you back out on the road again.

Many customers have had difficulty obtaining finance, and those who need a loan to purchase a car turn to Affordable Car Finance Limited which specialises in arranging finance for people who have previously struggled to obtain the funds to purchase a car.

The good news is that Affordable Car Finance Limited also helps people who need car finance in Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Crewe, Congleton and Northwich. If you have previously had difficulty obtaining, or have been refused credit or car loans before.

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As leading specialists in lending for car purchases, we can also offer you our Pay Weekly Finance Plan, to make your budgeting easier if you receive wages or other income on a weekly basis. Many of our customers find this the most convenient and manageable way to make their car finance repayments on time, and without the worry of cumulative monthly bills.

Don't worry if you've been refused credit in the past for a car loan, Affordable Car Finance Limited can help you. Forget those companies who have turned you down for a car loan because of poor credit rating, bad credit rating, mortgage arrears and bankruptcies. Forget loan defaults, mortgage arrears, and CCJ's.

We believe it is both unfair and unrealistic to judge people's ability to repay a car loan based on past history; and that's just what it is - history. We look to the present and the future, and our goal is to show you how quickly and easily you can obtain car finance and be back on the road in no time.

We are here to help you, and we have a huge variety of cars for you to choose from with over 100 vehicles always in stock!

we make applying for finance easy

Affordable Car Finance Limited really does make applying for your car finance simple and quick - you can apply online, and once we have received your application we'll send you approval for your finance and then you can choose your car and drive it away!

So what are you waiting for? Apply online now, and once you are driving around in your car, don't forget to tell all your friends how we helped you, because Affordable Car Finance Limited can help them too! And if you recommend a friend we will give you £50 in vouchers!

Affordable Car Finance Limited will help you to secure the finance you need!

Looking forward to helping you, today!

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